More Connections .. connecting you to us..

Heyyy friends and web-savvy individuals:::

we are movin’ on up in the internet world…

i.e.- we got a website. a real website. that comes without weird attachments, advertisements, banners enticing you to do other things, distractions, or extra friend requests.. just a concentrated givers orb of information.



:::::HERE you can easily see where we will be touring, listen to music we are making, download shtuff, purchase things you can own that are relevant to us, view photos of our experiences and random other things as well as share videos and conversations with other people who love music like you do…

SO check it out and become involved, stay in touch, and spread the love and music::::y’all.

we’re all in this (world-wide web) together..



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5 responses to “More Connections .. connecting you to us..

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  3. Hi! I was at your gig last night and I thought you were excellent, I was hoping to find one of you afterwards for an interview but ended up having to leave as soon as Cashier No. 9 finished. Anyway, you were great, and I hope you’re enjoying your time in Ireland! x

  4. Y’all crushed it at the Rickshaw Stop! I mean CRUSHED IT! Wasn’t expecting much since the only song I knew was up up up and it was a Wednesday night, but that song was a side note compared to the rest of the show. Such high energy and crazy hair/dancing, it was contagious! Got the crowd jumping at all the right moments. And the Talking Heads covers were on point. The crowd simply had to join in on the fun. Your musical cohesion was incredible – both lead singers and band members complimented each other so well. I see A LOT of shows, and this was the best I’ve seen in a while. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if y’all are selling out the Fillmore and Fox next year. Shit, can’t get enough! Definitely reaching out to my friends along your tour to tell them to get tickets early. Big things, I love it!

    Your new fan,


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