GIVERS T-SHIRT Design Contest 2011

:::::Hello Friends:::::

We are working on our next round of shirts for our upcoming tour
and would LOVE for y’all to be a part of that –
::::we’re hosting a design contest::::


We are in search of art that represents us and will connect us to our fans, as well as conceptualize the sound of the new music..
If you feel such a desire- then dive to that light, feel inspired, and show us your creativity

The competition will be open 10 days:
Tonight (4/11/11) to Thursday (4/21/11- Submissions must be in BY 5pm!)
We will announce the winning design on Monday (4/25/11).


Your design may be in any medium (watercolor, pencil, ink, print, paint, graphics, photo-shop, collage, multimedia, etc..)
(Our merchandising company can turn almost any artwork into a t-shirt design.)

*The album’s title is “In Light”– maybe that alone will inspire you.

*You may be specific with colors or leave it open-ended.
It is your vision.

*Please scan or send in a picture of your artwork to with the subject line entitled:
“GIVERS T-SHIRT 2011” and make sure your contact information and any details about the art are included.


If you are a professional, closet-hiding artist, or just a fan with a vision.. come one, come all.
Get directly involved and be seen around the nation.. All merchandise will be printed through Glassnote Records and will be featured at our live shows for the CD release summer tour..

Thanks for your love and support.
We appreciate it and are excited to see your creativity flow


we’re all sowing together…



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5 responses to “GIVERS T-SHIRT Design Contest 2011

  1. Awesome! Are there any particular themes or cliched topics you want to avoid? No swears i presume =)

    • giversmusic

      Well, we don’t want to say what we don’t want but we would rather you be inspired by the music..
      The name of the album is called “In Light” – that should indicate the direction perhaps? I think you can imagine what kind of cliche topics/themes to avoid- most in general 🙂 Interested to see yours..

  2. Sarah

    Hey guys! When do we get to hear these results?? 🙂

    • giversmusic

      Sorry it wasn’t more clear.. we are new to this!.. the results were announced on our FB page.

      Thanks to all of you who participated, it was amazing to connect with our fans and artists..
      we are lucky to be a part of something so creative. Thank you for having open hearts.

      • giversmusic

        Thanks to Anne Blenker who will be featured on this tour’s shirt. and sincere thanks to all of you. we are a team and hope to see you out there

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