Shirts and spurts of love!

Hello sweet people! Sweet news…


I know you’re wondering, what are those guys up to? Well, worry not- We are in the process of recording new songs for you! In the past few weeks the fellas have been faithfully and diligently hard working in the dark cabins of Arkansas to get the perfect sound for the new songs… plus in Kirby studios!  So make sure you keep a keen eye on the myspace for snippets of new songs/videos!


And now to the good news.. We have been collaborating with our dear friend Hannah to make personalized shirts and custom merchandise for you to buy exclusively at our shows! She will be around the next few shows with sliced and diced handmade clothing ranging from heart-shaped colorful broaches and custom dresses to out of this universe one-of-a-kind shirts!

Although pictures don’t do much justice- Here are some we’ve sold at previous shows:




If you didn’t get a chance to grab yours, fear not! More are to come and even more customized than before..

HOWEVER, if you DID get to purchase one- WE WANT YOU! Please send us pics of you, your friends, pets, parents or whomever or whatever wearing them! Show your love and send them to!


If you don’t recall- we have a show this month- August 22nd @ Luna Bar in Lake Charles w/ our New Orleans friends MyNameIsJohnMichael.. Accept the invite!

More to come soon. patience is a growing seed.

We’re all in this together…



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4 responses to “Shirts and spurts of love!

  1. Lea

    Hi guys! Love your music. Saw you at your CD release party at One Eyed Jacks (for Rotary Downs). Love the CD. I am going to the ACL Fest and wanted to wear one of your t-shirts or dresses to promote the band. I bought a VIP ticket, so I’ll be under the tents, hopefully close to the stages. Can you help me out? Would like to get something before the Fest.

    Thanks, Lea

  2. Charlotte

    How could I get a shirt if I can’t go to a show?

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