Projecting the Future!

Hello Big Wonderful World.

We are all only a couple days away from the coolest show this summer…

AND the coolest show we’ve ever had the privilege to play :::::::

DIRTY PROJECTORS @ Chelsea’s in Baton Rouge-


That’s THIS Thursday (July 16th) you can check out the newest, most innovative band around right now..

GO GO GO! Check out the invite and join the bandwagon!

Never has there been a better time to reflect on how powerful the human voice can be- these girls take the magic of harmony and transform it into a perfectly united machine magnifying the greatness of sound- okay, is that enough to get you there?

LISTEN to their new album Bitte Orca and learn the words to sing a-long.. we will be..

and while you’re at it.. go ahead and learn our words too!!


We also would love to thank Collin and everyone for throwin’ down at the HouseParty Saturday, that was the best sweat-fest EVER, thanks for donating your glands and love!

Unfortunately, the Magical yellow bus is still in the shop and we won’t be able to bring it to Chelsea’s, HOWEVER keep a lookout on our facebook to catch a caravan or updated news!

Get Directions HERE!

Get Tickers HERE!

Get Excited HERE! <If you’ve never seen this video. you may want to stop everything you’re doing at this moment! incredible.

See yA Thursday lovers!

We’re all in this together…


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