How Dirty are YOU?!


WE are getting extremely dirty over here because DIRTY PROJECTORS ARE COMING TO BATON ROUGE!


No joke folks, your beloved harmonizing goddesses and universe charming kings are headed right to Chelsea’s on JULY 16th and we get to love on you before them- That’s a thursday you won’t want to miss!

Don’t wait in line… Buy your tickets NOW at JAMBASE!


Check out their newest album just released called Bitte Orca so you can sing-a-long!

We’re all in this together…


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One response to “How Dirty are YOU?!

  1. rickyintransit

    Hello, folks
    My name is Ricky Kendall

    I have really enjoyed your music from a distance. I was in a band with Dan and Stacie Cummings, and I will be touring with a couple other guys through baton rouge and new orleans jan 20th and 21st. Wondering if you had any shows you’d want an opener for or maybe know of any good venues we should contact? here are our respective music sites:

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