HEY! If you missed our first out-a-town gig in Baton Rouge at the Spanish Moon last Friday night, here are the hiiiiighliiiiiiiiights!

1. GIVERS Magical School Bus Adventures

IMG_0155 Our very sweet, dear friend Collin let us borrow his big yellow bus and transformed it into the GIVERS Magical SchoolBus! 40 spots filled with friends and fans were confirmed and hitched a wild ride on this machine to the show!!!!

Don’t miss the GIVERS Magical SchoolBus on our next adventure to New Orleans this Thursday June 25th to play at Tipatina’s!

-designated driving, boombox music, cushions, friends, and a good time…. can’t beat it!

Hop on da bus here, confirm your spot, be there!

2. Prom Date


So, we were out for the count as far as having an opening band.. being that we’ve never played in baton rouge and no one was available at the last minute- BUT OOooh no!

Prom Date, a sweet group of BR kids, totally stepped it up and took the gig and rocked it out, bringin the people out and openin a rockin’ set with The Cure cover.. thanks guys!

Watch for them coming play Lafayette soon!


IMG_0162We got our momma’s machines out and sewed GIVERS t-shirts! AND they ALL SOLD OUT!

But don’t fear! We are making more for the NOLA show… and hopefully ordering mass produced ones to wet your friends’ palettes (or clothe your naked friends..?)

If you bought one at our last show, do us a huge favor: slap it on and snap a pic and send it to us, we wanna see your good looks and wanna show the world! Be a part of the team!

go team go!

The whole show was fantastic and big thanks to BR and all of you who came out!

We’re all in this together…


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